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This “mummified” baby was a pet. But as they look more closely, they see a glimmer of hope

The following photos are a shocking memorial and go straight to your heart. Employees of the animal protection organisation IAR (International Animal Rescue) in Borneo, found this small, half-“mummified” orangutan-baby in a cardboard box in a village.



Fortunately, babies like Gito are rare cases. Rescue organisations worldwide report that ever increasing numbers of baby apes are being made orphans and are still being terribly mishandled. The same rescue organisation already had to free the small baby due to an emergency.  The number of her kind is steadily decreasing and maybe we will soon lose these gentle giants. To save orangutans like Gito and countless others worldwide, something must change! Help save these wonderful animals and put a stop to animal cruelty. Share this story, so that everyone may learn!