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The father leaves the restaurant and discovers THIS behind the dumpsters. But then he does something incredible.

In almost all restaurants, it’s become common practice to take care of the needs of even the smallest of guests. Children’s menus, high chairs, and even coloring books with crayons while waiting to get a table up until the food is served. All of these amenities are a treat for Bryan Ware’s children, and they normally have them at all the family reunions. Everything is a coloring book! But, at one family reunion, when the party was over and it was time to go, Bryan saw something that would not let him go.

Bryan saw all the crayons being thrown into the trash and couldn’t believe his eyes. Some of them had only been used once, a real waste to simply throw away. On the same evening, Bryan decided to do some research on the internet and discovered something unbelievable: every year, 35 tons of crayons land in the trash alone in the US. Hard to believe, but true!